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Being our first server deployed for customers who need only location based vehicle tracking services, trackmyvehicle holds itself the simplest web application ever built for the same, which still holds best in the hearts of our customers. With trackmyvehicle, one can know the status of all vehicles at once, get minute wise reports and enough information about their drivers and vehicles performances.



Radical : We endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction as our essential business requirement

Excellence : We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide

Dedication : We commit that all our products and services we provide are reliable

Energetic : Active character by involvement and action.

We, RedE Technologies are a private limited company providing end-to-end IoT solutions varying from software development till electronic hardware assembly and integration. Having 10 years of expertise in providing IoT solutions and HR consultancy to various clients, we excel in GPS / GPRS based vehicle tracking system, HR management, customized software development and UI/UX design & development. Understanding the peculiar needs of our clients, we develop customized web based application software thus providing reliable IoT solutions. Some of our solutions are Vehicle tracking system with IoT, HR management & retention system with IoT, Crusher management system with IoT etc. 

Born in 2009, here we are leading the GPS vehicle tracking system market in and around Tamil Nadu. Mr. Karthie Kumar, the founder of RedE Technologies heads the Group as Managing Director with his strong expertise in various areas including Information Technology & Human Resources Development. Mr. Pani who heads our Singapore Office as Director – Software, with his 20 years of strong experience in Information Technologies and his multi-faceted skills has enabled him endure great heights in his career. He takes care of the East Asian operations and he is also responsible for our Software Development. Besides IoT solutions and Software development, we focus on Robotics (Artificial Intelligence), Web site development & maintenance and HR recruitment & training.

Besides IoT and Software development, we focus on Robotics (Artificial Intelligence), Web site development & maintenance and HR recruitment & training. 

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