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Mobile Tracking is similar to the concept of a GPS vehicle tracking device, where your mobile acts as your tracking device. You can turn your mobile phone into a tracking unit with the help of our app "Rede Me".

Note: We do not breach your privacy. Tracking starts only after you allow for Location permissions and allow app to run in background. Suites well for Personal users and owners who track their employees upon their will during office hours.

Disclaimer: Due to recent updated in Android, app might be killed by the OS itself to improve device performance and life.

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  • GPS / GPRS based Tracking
  • Cost effective tracking solution
  • Track any Android Mobile phone user
  • No separate hardware required
  • Live Monitoring / Track Employees
  • Track Kids, Sales, Service, Collection Workforce
  • Location, speed, Altitude, heading information
  • Track Time and Delays
  • On field Reporting using mobile phone
  • Customizable tracking intervals
  • Mark Client Places, Retail Outlet, Service Stops and Customers stores on the map.
  • Any number of mobile phones can be added to a single account


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