Vehicle Tracker – Basic

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Default Features 
Optional Features
Component Integration (Optional)
 Internal Battery   A/C Status  Door/Lid Switch
 Speed & Distance  E-mail Alerts Panic Button
 Water Proof enclosure Door / Lid Status
 Geo-fencing Emergency Button
 Internal Antenna



Vehicle Tracker – Basic

First of all, the Vehicle Tracker – Basic, is used to track any automobiles like bikes, cars, trucks, lorries, trailers, tankers, etc.
Also, we can get vehicle’s location, speed, Engine on and off status, AC on and off status **, Door or Lid open and close status **.

Note: Supports only 1 digital input.

About hardware: 100% Indian Branded Hardware. 1 Year Warranty will be provided.

Note: 100% Indian product and 1 Year Warranty.

Available reports:

  • Event Details (Minute wise data)
  • Engine On and Off timings and working Hours
  • AC On and Off timings and working Hours **
  • Door or Lid On and Off **
  • Geo zone reports (Trip sheet)
  • Vehicle Stoppage hours
  • Vehicle running hours
  • Speed Chart and Over speeding report

**Additional charges will be added for the component and installation. Because, AC connection required additional wiring and reworks. And door or lid connection requires additional sensor component (door open/close switch).

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 25 mm